Search and Rescue Dogs Water Search - Finding Drowned Persons

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Author of READY! Training the Search and Rescue Dog
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Christy Judah
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Some call them Drowning Dogs. Some call them Cadaver Dogs. All call them heroes.

Water Search provides the reader with an intricate overview of the training required to prepare search and rescue dogs to find the location of drowned victims. (Much like having a seasoned veteran at your right side, the book takes you by the hand and leads you through the mechanics of a Water Search and the creation of a K9 Water Search team. A suggested read for all law enforcement and search and rescue personnel in order to better understand the unique mechanics of a water search and recovery.

From the physical experience of drowning, including information from victims who experienced it and were resuscitated, to using high tech sonar equipment to locate drowned victims, the reader will experience and learn how to work a search and rescue dog in this genre. It includes training & search techniques, equipment (boats, etc.), safety precautions, search reports, and industry protocols used in water search.

Over 80 photographs of actual SAR dog handlers and their amazing canine partners are pictured as they train and search for the missing.

The strength of Christy Judah's book is the unique level of technical details about the mechanics of water searching. The information about special equipment and how to use it is priceless. While the book does not focus entirely on the actual dog training, it provides all of the information necessary to train a dog successfully. It is a must have for everyone involved in any level of search and rescue.--Susan Bulanda, M.A., Certified Behavior Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Author of READY! Training the Search and Rescue Dog