Search and Rescue Leadership

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Contributing Authors:
George Dresnek (Contributor), David Dyer (Contributor), Robert Koester (Contributor), Allen Padgett (Contributor), Anthony Somogyi (Contributor), Chris Young (Contributor)
Contributing Authors:
Anne Brandt (Contributor), Shirley Cox (Contributor)
Bernard Fontaine (Editor, Contributor), Christy Judah (Editor, Contributor)
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This text teaches the crew leader to become an effective and efficient searcher and leader. It covers topics such as leadership styles, characteristics of a good leader, and practices which encourage effective team participation in the management of various resources. 

Topics include: 
• command structure and integration 
• safety practices 
• map reading and navigation 
• search tactics 
• and the study of lost person behavior. 

It explains random traveling choices of a lost person, in addition to behaviors such as route and direction sampling. This text provides an overview of hazardous terrain, search practices, search probability, applicable reports, and the calculation of POD and POS. 

In addition, practices using specially trained canines and equines, as well as air operations, urban search, SAR rescue practices and stress management is discussed, in addition to a variety of other related topics. Written by active searches with over a thousand missions under their belt, this text is a must-read for team managers and those participating in search and rescue missions.