Skijor With Your Dog - Second Edition

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Mari Hoe-Raitto & Carol Kaynor
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University of Alaska Press

Skijoring is the exciting sport of being pulled on skis by one or more dogs in harness. With 200 pages and more than 75 photos and illustrations, Skijor With Your Dog is the first full-length volume written for those interested in this simple, enjoyable Scandinavian sport. 

In this book you will find: 
• how to teach your dog to pull 
• how to include children 
• racing tips and how to train for competition 
• and how to camp and travel with dogs. 

Designed for easy reading, this practical guide to skijoring is a must for anyone interested in dogs, skiing, and winter fun. 

Mari Høe-Raitto has been competing in Nordic-style mushing since the age of fourteen. She is a certified Nordic ski instructor and teaches outdoor skills at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska. Carol Kaynor has written articles on skijoring for DogSport Magazine, Dog World, and Mushing magazine, among others. She is a limited-class sprint musher and has been a member of the Alaska Dog Mushers Association since 1985.