Skills for Handling Your Reactive Or Hyperactive Dog: A Workshop for Developing Focus and Impulse Control -PART 2: The Next Step for A Pleasant Walk Dvd

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Sophia Yin
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Cattledog Publishing

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This workshop is a continuation of the first Workshop DVD: Part 1: Essential Exercises Learning has never been so easy! Take a front row seat while Dr. Yin helps you improve your ability to handle you impulsive, reactive or hyperactive dog in controlled situations as well as in unexpected emergency situations. This live recording of Dr. Sophia Yin's workshop is not only engaging, but highly informative. In one of Dr. Yin's most popular workshops to date, you'll gain the technical skills to make walking with even the most reactive of dogs enjoyable using these simple and practical exercises and games.

On this Part 2 DVD:
Exercises: Walking Speed, About-turns and U-turns (humans only)

Focused Walking Using Repeat Sits on the Left or Right Side (humans only)
Using Targeting to Keep Dogs Engaged
Methods for Getting Dogs to Focus When Heeling on Walks: Repeat Sits on Left or Right Side Versus Targeting
Impulse Control: "Leave-it" by Blocking
Highly Distracting or Emergency Situations: Combining the Repeat Sit Backwards and Heeling at Attention Exercises

What experts are saying about Skills for Handling Your Reactive or Hyperactive Dog:
Whether pet professional or pet owner this DVD is a must have. Dr. Sophia Yin has the amazing ability to take very complex exercises and simplify them to the point that you wonder why you never thought of it yourself!
Cathy Bell, CPDT-KA

Dr. Sophia Yin, a 1993 graduate of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, is the author of numerous books and DVDs including, The Small Animal Veterinary Nerdbook and Low Stress handling, Restraint, and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats. She earned her Master's in Animal Science with a behavior emphasis in 2001 from UC Davis. She currently lectures internationally, Provides behavior consultations, and creates educational DVDs and products.


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