Solving Dog Behavior Problems Like A Professional

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James O'Heare
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Solving Dog Behavior Problems, book 2 in the Dog Behavior series, provides dog guardians the tools to solve dog behavior problems. It explains why dogs exhibit the behaviors they do and how the guardians can assess any kind of problem behavior situation and devise a plan to change the behavior like a professional would. Though examples apply to dogs, the methods described in this book would easily be applied to cats, parrots, horses, and in deed humans. This book would be appropriate for a dog guardian who seeks to be able to understand and resolve just about any kind of problematic behavior that may arise or for the beginning professional looking for a scientifically sound introduction to understanding an resolving problem behaviors.

James O'Heare is a Doctor of Behaviorology, having earned his Doctoral Certificate in behaviorology from The International Behaviorology Institute. He has written and taught extensively on animal behavior, lectured internationally, and has been helping clients train their companion animals and resolve problem behaviors since the 1990s. For more information, see