Sound Socialization Audio Cd (Updated 2019)

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O'Neal Scott
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65 Min.
Angel Dog, Inc.

(UPDATED 2019) 

Is your dog made fearful, nervous, or uncomfortable by environmental sounds or stimuli? Or do you have a new litter of puppies or a new puppy in your family to prepare them to be calm and relaxed to our loud, sound-stimulating world? 

CD has sounds of gunshots and fireworks; sirens; children playing and screaming; vet's office; traffic; groomer; home; large airport; thunderstorms; kennel; machines & tools; trains; infants crying; small airport, and day camp. 

Includes essential training to create a positive imprint for your dog as well as common mistakes to avoid. Sound socialization training can make a positive impact on the quality of life for your dog or puppy. 

Angel Dog Sound Socialization™ Training includes the essential training methods to imprinting success. 

Included in the package: 
• Audio training by master trainer outlining specific step by step instructions to make a positive imprint with puppies and dogs. 
• Audio training by master trainer outlining specific step by step methods to safely and effectively counter-condition dogs with sound phobias.  
• Convenient print reference guide of training and tips.  

Why use Angel Dog Sound Socializing? 
• Create a calm and confident puppy or dog. A well-behaved, socialized dog is welcomed by more people and in more environments than a non-socialized dog. Here is a key to opening up a fulfilling life for your dog. 
• Counter-condition an anxious dogs reaction to thunderstorms, fireworks, sirens, gunshots, children and more. Help the sound reactive dog, and you, to a better quality of life.  
• Prepare your dogs for show, trial, and being a canine good citizen.  
• Breeders – prepare puppies for everyday life while providing added value to your clients.  
• Discover all your dogs sound sensitivities, and then help them overcome the fears to provide your dog with an improved quality of life. It’s great for adopted dogs.  
• Gently acclimate kennel/outdoor/rescue dogs to household sounds.  
• Introduce your dog to airport sounds before their travel so they can enjoy a more relaxed easy journey.  
• Hunters can keep the dog and train out the sound fear of gun-shy dogs.  
• Over 140 individual sounds known to trigger dogs and grouped in tracks by categories for ease of use in training. 
• Gentle, loving, and effective training to deepen the loving relationship with your dog. 
• It’s not just for dogs! Used for other animals too. 

What people are saying about Sound Socialization Audio CD:

It’s easy and user-friendly for the breeder. 

On August,26-27-28,(2015) the biggest European dog show of the year will take place in Brussels, Belgium. About 15.000 international dogs and breeders are expected to participate! And we, from Royal Canin, are the largest sponsor of this European dog show. I contact you to participate in our ‘wall of innovation’ on our Royal Canin stand. 
In our ‘innovation dog corner’ we would like to present your ‘sound socialization disk’ + make publicity to order it at your company. With our Royal Canin team we can inform all interested breeders on the quality and usefulness of this product and redirect interested people to your website. 
I will also add a personal recommendation to the disk displayed in our innovation wall. 
Your Angel Dog Sound Socialization CD - It’s perfect! The other team members are also enthusiastic about the CD 
I’m also convinced of the interest for puppies to be well socialized, and as such a sound disk is a good idea for breeders who often lack the time to have these puppies in the kennel socialized with all kind of noises. It’s easy and user-friendly for the breeder, and helps the beginning of socialization at the breeder unit. As a veterinarian I’m familiar and fond of this sound disk, so making publicity is very easy.

Els Van Haver 

Great socializing CD for my puppies. This CD is all it says it is great product! 

Melissa Wren  

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    Not Impressed

    Posted by Catherine Lursen on 14th Dec 2021

    There was 15 minutes of talking at the beginning, with a lot of repetition. That was the first 5 tracks. Then the sounds weren't very impressive. I think they get better sounds off of the TV. I thought it was very expensive for what it was and they couldn't even give you a decent CD holder for the CD. It's cardboard! Once again, just not impressed and not worth the money.