Step by Step Training of Duration Head in a Prop DVD

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Michele Pouliot
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25 Minutes
Carpe Diem Productions

An enjoyable, step by step tutorial for clicker training dogs to place their head into a prop or equipment and remain there for duration. This is one behavior training topic amongst several in Michele Pouliot’s Trick Training Tutorial Series. 

In addition to this tutorial showing how to train a “trick”, these same training steps can be used to train care behaviors, such as introducing the wearing of muzzles or headcollars to dogs. Full of enlightening instruction for clicker training via a behavior that does not require much space or activity from the dog. Excellent mental exercise for dogs recovering from injury, with physical limitations or senior dogs that benefit from training interaction. 

Michele uses the training of “Duration Head In a Prop” as a means of demonstrating effective clicker training techniques including applying strategy in location of reward delivery. 

Dogs will have fun learning the trick and trainers will enjoy the training task. Michele’s ability to offer valuable insights and nuances to techniques is substantial even to advanced trainers.

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