Step Up your Training For Dog Sports DVD Set

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Michele Pouliot
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5 hrs 48 mins
Tawzer Dog LLC

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3 DVD set plus 1 CD-Rom with handouts 

Step Up Your Training for Dog Sports DVD set by Michele Pouliot is a full day seminar that will increase your dog’s precision and prepare for top performances in fun and positive ways. You will learn how to: 

  • Use platforms to take clicker training a step further for training positions and behaviors. 


  • Prepare your dog to enjoy performing by establishing behavior chains. 


  • Effectively plan performance cues to help your dog perform in different venues. 

Michele uses lecture and power point for training specifics, but spends a lot of time with the working dog classes in the use of platforms in training and uses her own dogs to demonstrate techniques using a platform. In the live classes, Michele critiques training and gives helpful advice to the trainers in achieving their goals. Platform training is covered A-Z and teaches you how to obtain the positions and behaviors that you desire. 

“Michele Pouliot is one of my training heroes. She combines a ridiculous amount of practical expertise with a thorough and engaging teaching style. Plus, her many video clips are clear, relevant and inspiring. Every time I watch her teach, I learn something new.” Kathy Sdao