Stress Release for Dogs: The Canine Emotional Detox

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Diane Garrod
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The Canine Emotional Detox differs from other books on stress because it focuses on the right combination of elements to reduce stress and to date has over 196 permission-based cases. Take a look at selected before and after photos, pattern discoveries and findings through real life research approach with dogs in a variety of environments, situations, and behavioral challenges. The book is filled with the who, what, where, when, how and why of stress and its affect on dogs. Author, Diane Garrod takes a look at the dog from the inside out, from diet to waste analysis, to release of stress chemicals within the body and the brain and how the dog thinks and processes information. Think of the CED as a three-day intensive stress neutralization, with the canine taking a well-needed, and deserved holiday, or vacation in a spa-like, pampering process and a way to learn more about the individual dog in the process. From this perspective a final anaylsis is created, which becomes a customized behavior modification process.

What does the CED do?

•Reduces behavior problems.
•Enhances communication and relationships.
•Neutralizes harmful stress chemicals causing distress or chronic/acute stress.
•Takes into account the individual dog's emotions and feelings.
•Asks how is the dog coping with real life by uncovering patterns.
•Explores how the dog handles touch.
•Shows how the dog thinks and processes information with mentally tiring activities.
•Creates a productive, results-oriented behavior modification process.
•Builds knowledge of the canine, their environment, their family.
•Prepares the dog to learn better, faster and retain longer.

Diane Garrod, PCT-A, BScj, FF1, CC1, is a founding member of the Pet Professional’s Guild for Force Free Trainers (PPG), and provides private consultations working with dog aggression and behavior cases through Canine Transformations Learning, WA State. Canine Transformations is home to the Canine Emotional Detox (CED): the first systematic stress release program for challenging dogs with over 700 cases researched.

Diane is an expert in aggression and behavior issues with multiple certifications, which includes resource guarding and working with dog that have behavior challenges with people and other dogs. Diane is admin of groups “Force Free Trainers: Solving the Aggression and Behavior Puzzle”; The “Canine Emotional Detox: Stress release for challenging canines”; “Canine Behavior Analysis and Science”; “RV Dogs On The Road: Training Tips and Tricks” Facebook groups.