Super Dog Tricks: Make Your Dog a Super Dog with Step by Step Tricks and Training Tips - As Seen on America’s Got Talent!

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Sara Carson
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The first thing you’ll notice about this new book is that it is filled with lovely, professionally-taken, color photos. Super Dog Tricks provides easy-to-follow instructions for learning new tricks with your dog, and includes tips for troubleshooting if something doesn’t go quite right during learning. A glossary at the beginning of the book defines terms like luremarkjackpot, and cueand gives readers a clear understanding of their use throughout the book.

Tricks are organized from Super Simple to Super Impressive and there’s even a special section at the end, dedicated to Canine Freestyle with sample routines! With an emphasis on keeping training sessions short and fun, this book is a perfect resource to flip through and find a new trick to teach your dog for a few minutes a day, which will quickly become a favorite part of your routine!

You’ve seen them on TV, now learn from Sara and her Super Collies! You’ll find easy-to-follow directions and photos for all the classic tricks as well as showstoppers like taking a selfie and skateboarding!

Whether you have a new puppy or have an “old dog” ready to learn some new tricks, Sara will get you and your dog working together in no time. Learn fundamentals like food and toy drive, leash walking, and crate training, as well as tips for important day-to-day bonding and behavior. Whenever you’re ready, dive into the tricks!

Chapters and tricks include:
• Super Simple Tricks: Sit, down, shake a paw, wave, take a bow, footsies, hand target, leg weaves, sit pretty, over arms, back up, crawl, and more.
• Super Impressive Tricks: Cross paws, hide in a suitcase, turn lights on (and off), take a selfie, orbit, footstall, fake pee, limp, open (and close) a door, and more.
• The Super Trick Dog: Jump rope, skateboard, hold an object, retrieve and put toys away, dance, hug, walking on hind legs, and more.

Sara also includes a home version of canine freestyle (the choreographed routines she is famous for and that you may have seen at competitions). With information for finding the right music, safely selecting costumes, and how to transition between one trick and another in a routine, you’ll have all you need to craft a fun routine of your own. It’s not only a fun way to impress the neighborhood, it’s a great way to build a deeper relationship with your dog.

Every dog has a super dog within…unleash your dog’s potential with Super Dog Tricks!

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  • 5
    Super Dog Tricks by Sara Carson

    Posted by Terry Kennedy-Lares on 21st Apr 2022

    My disclaimer is this is not a book about training theory. But, if you are not a newbie and looking for a no-nonsense book on how to train your dog for basic skills and wonderfully impressive tricks for numerous sports, this is your book. This is a great book for any trainer to have in their training library.

  • 5
    Super Dog Tricks

    Posted by Shari Forst on 21st Apr 2022

    Great Book!

  • 5
    Super Dog Tricks

    Posted by Olga Banis on 29th Jan 2022

    The pictures are awesome the step by step instructions are very easy to follow looking forward to learning some new tricks with my 7 year old Daisey and my 5 year old Lola

  • 5
    The best training tool!

    Posted by Mel on 28th Jan 2022

    Seriously the best step-by-step tool for teaching you and your dog helpful tricks!

  • 5
    Fun and easy to follow!

    Posted by Malory Knezha, CCFT on 27th Jan 2022

    I own many dog trick books, and this one definitely takes the cake as the best! The instructions are so easy to follow for people that may not be professional dog trainers. As a CCFT, this book is one that I will recommend to my fitness clients to fulfill the mental aspect of canine fitness conditioning!

  • 5
    Super Resource

    Posted by Mandy E. on 27th Jan 2022

    I'm a CPDT-KA, KPA grad, and faculty advisor for Victoria Stilwell Dog Training Academy. Sara's book is a great resource for me to guide clients to that want to step up their training game while working their dogs mind and body. The pictures and layout are gorgeous and do a great job of highlighting how happy these dogs are in their training. I can feel confident in recommending this book to clients, knowing the tricks address safety of the tricks as well as helpful training suggestions.
    It's also a great resource for me as a professional trainer to challenge my own skills and try something new with my dog.

  • 5
    Super Dog Tricks

    Posted by Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA on 27th Jan 2022

    This is a great book for anyone who wants to learn how to teach tricks. Sara teaches everything in easy to understand steps using positive reinforcement methods. Plus...the photos are absolutely beautiful and give a great visual guide for teaching the tricks too. She has a wide range of activities from simple to more complex so you can pick and choose whatever looks fun for you and your dog. I have attended one of Sara's workshops with my dog, I have her PuppR App on my phone and now I have this book. Needless to say, I am always impressed with her positive methods and the relationship she builds with her dogs. I am buying several of these to give my dog training clients.

  • 5
    A must have!!

    Posted by Emma on 27th Jan 2022

    This is a fantastic book! It’s currently my favorite coffee table book to leave out for my dog-loving guests when they come over. The high quality images make following the step-by-step training a breeze, and all three of my dogs (including the one I thought could never learn anything aside from ‘sit’ and ‘paw’) have learned new tricks. This book makes me feel closer to my dogs,. I can’t recommend it enough!

  • 5
    Quality Content

    Posted by Sydnie Talley on 27th Jan 2022

    Absolutely love my copy of Super Dog Tricks! So much information for dog owners looking to create a structured and valued partnership through training. Tricks that are simplified so that all trainers no matter their experience can provide enrichment to their dogs. Sara has shown over the years that relationship is achieved through clear communication, engagement, and structure. Well written and easy to follow. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle with their dogs.