The 20 Principles All Trainers Must Know DVD

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Roger Abrantes
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5 hrs 55 mins
Tawzer Dog LLC

The 20 Principles... is essential viewing for all trainers whether they train dogs, horses, cats or any other species. This DVD through lecture, PowerPoint and live demos, contains all the basic principles of animal learning. All professional animal trainers or serious hobby trainers can consult this video to check processes and definitions or to get inspiration for resolving problems. 

Of course, animal learning implies much more than just these 20 principles but in practice, a trainer who understands these principles and is able to apply them correctly will undoubtedly experience success. 

In his presentation, Roger describes what science has uncovered about animal learning. It is up to you to decide which processes you use, create your own “best practices”, resolve your ethical conflicts and develop your own personal style. 

Roger Abrantes, PhD in Evolutionary Biology and Ethology is the scientific director of the Ethology Institute Cambridge, special advisor for the GNR, instructor at the CNCA (California Narcotics Canine Association) and the author of many books and articles on animal behavior and learning. Roger Abrantes gives talks and seminars all over the world. He instructed the trainers of the famous Hero Rats that detect landmines and tuberculosis in Africa. 

DVD - 3 disc set - run time 5 hrs 55 mins