The Bite-O-Meter: Understanding Body Language and Facial Expressions In Dogs Dvd

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Sue Sternberg
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39 min
Distributed by Dogwise Publishing

Learn to see the signals before the bite

In order to live with, work with and safely handle dogs you must be able to read their body language and facial expressions. This video will take you step-by-step through the process of interpreting the often complex and subtle signals dogs use to communicate their emotional state.

Aggressive dogs tell us they are going to bite long before they growl, snarl or bite. Develop and hone your skills by viewing extensive footage of actual shelter dogs as they are being handled. This video was filmed at a workshop given by Sue Sternberg, one of the country's leading experts on dog behavior.

Sue Sternberg has devoted her personal and professional life to helping dogs and people live together happily. She is the author of numerous books and DVDs on dog adoption, canine body language and behavior, especially aggression. Her work educating shelter personnel on training, temperament testing and environmental enrichment has helped countless dogs find their forever homes.

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