The Business Of Dog Walking - How To Make A Living Doing What You Love

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Veronica Boutelle
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Dogwise Publishing
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Turn Dog Walking into a Profitable Business
Professional dog walking is a booming business. Over forty percent of U.S. households include a dog and the number is rising steadily. No wonder, then, that demand for dog walking services also keeps growing. But there's a huge difference between throwing a leash on a few dogs and charging for it and running a professional dog walking business. To be a successful dog walker, you must be dog savvy and business savvy. Veronica Boutelle has helped thousands of dog walkers set up and run successful enterprises. This book tells you how.

Find Out:
What it takes to make a lucrative living walking dogs
How to set up your business for success from the get-go
What you need to know about dog behavior and safety
How to stand out with targeted marketing in a competitive field

Praise from dog walking business owners:
The Business of Dog Walking is a comprehensive guide to creating or improving a solid dog-walking business, with good-natured humor and expert information. A must if you're serious about professional dog walking.
Paige Tuhey, Pant SF

Veronica has written the definitive guide on how to operate and run a successful dog walking business. I wish I had had this book when I started.
Deborah Deegan, Dog Tales Walking & Sitting Service

The education, training, and business coaching contained in The Business of Dog Walking is invaluable and will be instrumental in the building of your dog walking business.
Michelle Sanchez & Cynthia Evans, The Art of Dog

A great resource for professional dog walkers!
Nathalie Mosbach,
Beyond Companions

Veronica blends a superior level of professionalism with a common-sense approach to handling dogs, making it much easier to turn your love of dogs into a successful profession. A wonderful resource!
Amanda Knier, Bark Avenue Doggy Day Care

Author Veronica Boutelle, MA, CTC, is the author of How to Run a Dog Business and co-author of Minding Your Dog Business. She is a top consultant in the dog service industry, and a sought-after speaker and workshop leader at conferences around the country. Veronica is the co-creator of the Dog Walking Academy, a comprehensive 4-day workshop leading to professional dog walking certification. Through her company, dog*tec, Veronica and her colleagues help aspiring and existing dog walkers create thriving careers and businesses in the dog service field.

What reviewers are saying...

Ever think you might want to consider a career move? One that would take you out of an office setting and, even better, reward you for spending time with many dogs in the great outdoors? Professional dog walking might just be your next calling. In this informative new book by Veronica Boutelle, author of two other dog-business books and co-creator of the Dog Walking Academy, you'll find a wealth of information to help you get started. There is a thorough examination of not only what it takes but also, what to expect if you decide to venture into this business. Chapters cover topics such as pack management (with a cautionary note that it is always best to keep it small), client intake, marketing and emergency planning. The author, who seems to have covered all the bases, also includes a helpful "to-do list" for legalities and liabilities. Chloe Conrad

The Business of Dog Walking: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love is a straightforward guide to earning a living by exercising people's pets. Veronica Boutelle, co-creator of the Dog Walking Academy (a 4-day workshop that gives professional dog walking certification) discusses how to read dog body language, teaching basic obedience to dogs, how to maintain personal and canine safety when dealing with multiple dogs at once, effective business practices, marketing for dog walkers, planning for emergencies, and much more. Setting your rates is relatively easy. Take a look around at what other dog walkers in your area are charging. You'll likely find a range. Set your rate at the top of the range. You may be tempted to start lower, but this is a mistake you're looking for good clients dog lovers who see their dogs as part of the family and want to do right by them. You want people who can easily afford your service and who chose you because they felt you're the best walker for their dog. Do your job well and these people will remain loyal to you for the life of their dog. You don't want the bargain hunters; they'll jump ship as soon as they see another walker charging less. An absolute must-read for anyone seeking to walk dogs for money, whether as a hobby with a profit or a full-time job. James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

The Business of Dog Walking How to Make a Living Doing What You Love is based on the Dog Walking Academy course and covers all the basics of dog walking for profit. Any who envision making money at this will learn all the basics, from walking small groups of dogs off leash to using the leash in urban areas. Chapters cover the financial and legal commitments needed in such an endeavor, discuss self-assessment processes to help readers learn about the risks and benefits of the business, and discusses everything from self-discipline to building a client base of dog owners who will be customers for years. Any who have thought about dog walking will consider this an excellent pick. Diane Donovan, Editor

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