The Cat Grooming Guide 3rd Edition

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in the art of professional dog grooming
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Sam Kohl
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Aaronco Publishing

It is estimated that 74 million cats are kept as pets in the United States. Many cat owners are unaware of the need to have their pet cats professionally groomed, not only to enhance their beauty but to keep them healthy as well.
In The Cat Grooming Guide, grooming industry expert, Sam Kohl, argues that the cat market is one that groomers should not miss out on. Its vast size and the devotion of cat owners to their pets makes this a very lucrative source of untapped income for the professional groomer. By learning the grooming skills and marketing techniques presented in this book, every pet stylist can make a significant impact on their business bottom line.

The first professional cat grooming book ever written, The Cat Grooming Guide is now available in its new, completely revised 3rd Edition.

By learning the proper cat grooming techniques and marketing tips explained in this book, groomers can greatly grow their business and increase their profits.

This new edition includes, additional grooming styles, the latest in safe handling techniques, and an updated special full color section of cat breed drawings and photographs.

About the Author: Author of five books related to grooming and the business of pet care, Sam Kohl is internationally recognized as a founder of today's grooming industry and one of its leading innovators. As the former owner and director of the New York School of Dog Grooming for more than thirty five years, he has educated, in the art of professional dog grooming, over 10,000 graduates, and countless others who have read the previous three editions of this book.

Mr. Kohl was the Director of the New York School of Dog Grooming from 1965 to 2000, and has been active in all phases of the pet industry since 1949. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of the Pet Industry, the American Dog Groomers Guild, Ltd., and the International Dog Education Association in Japan.

Mr. Kohl judged the very first national dog grooming contest in the United States. He represented the grooming industry on the New York City Board of Education Animal Advisory Commission.
In 2011, Mr. Kohl was the first recipient of Barkleigh's Sally Liddick Lifetime Achievement Award for his many years of contribution to the grooming industry.

Working with the students and the grooming equipment available at that time made him acutely aware of the lack of tools that would facilitate peak performance. When he was unable to convince existing grooming tool manufacturers of the need for improvement, he turned to designing himself. He established the Aaronco Pet Products company in 1987, designing and manufacturing innovative tools to improve the labor-intensive grooming process.