The Definitive Guide to Lure Coursing: Running and Participating in Lure Coursing Title Events and Fun Runs (Paperback)

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Patricia Bennett
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Wicked Tech University
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The Definitive Guide To Lure Coursing: Running and Participating in Dog Lure Coursing Title Events and Fun Runs

The Definitive Guide was developed as an ultimate resource for both coursing novices and veterans alike. Delve into the fascinating world of lure coursing by developing and/or broadening your familiarity with all types of events and expanding your knowledge about this sport.

This full color book is a quantitative volume that provides all the information you need for running dogs on the lure coursing field – why dogs run, how they run, choosing and using the right equipment, injuries that might occur, safety, and much more. All the concepts and information are applicable to all coursing equipment, and for both sighthound-only and all-breed events. It is the quintessential resource and a must-have for anyone interested in the sport of lure coursing.

The Definitive Guide includes detailed and unbiased comparisons of different types of systems (drag vs. continuous-loop) and different manufacturers' equipment, plus operation and maintenance. It discusses the differences between the most well-known kennel clubs and their events, including AKC, UKC, ASFA and NLCC, and provides extensive information on title events including FastCAT and fun runs. It goes over everything necessary to run and/or participate in these events safely. There are also sections on how to evaluate dogs for safe coursing including locomotion and gait analyses, age and weight as factors, etc., plus segments on field work including setup, course layouts, and so much more.