The German Shepherd Dog: A Historical View of the Breed's Development, Prime, and Deterioration (K9 Professional Working Breeds Series)

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Resi Gerritsen and Ruud Haak
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Dog Training Press

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The definitive history of the German Shepherd, the most famous working dog in the world

• Details of the breed standard, past and present.
• How and why show and working dog lines developed.
• Key problems with the breed today and potential solutions.

Countless books have been written about how to train and care for German Shepherds, but until The German Shepherd Dog: A Historical View of the Breed’s Development, Prime, and Deterioration, no other book has offered a deep exploration of the breed’s history and development.

Expert trainers Resi Gerritsen and Ruud Haak take fans of the German Shepherd on a fascinating journey from the breed’s origins in the 19th century to its spread around the world as one of the top working dog breeds. More than 130 pedigree and bloodline analyses and over 400 photos painstakingly document influential dogs in the breed’s development, including lists and analyses of the Siegers, Siegerins, Leistungssiegers, and VA class dogs that form the foundation of today’s German Shepherds.

In recent decades, the breed has declined in both health and popularity as a working dog. After highlighting reasons for the breed’s deterioration, the authors demand change for the breed they love and look forward to a future when the German Shepherd regains its status as the world’s premier working dog.

Anyone who breeds or trains this incredible dog needs this book.