The Language Of Dogs - Understanding Canine Body Language and Other Communication Signals Dvd Set (Open Case/Broken Case)

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Sarah Kalnajs
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2 Hrs. 13 Min.
Blue Dog Training and Behavior

(Open Case/Broken Case)

What is your dog's body language saying to you and to other dogs?
Is he showing friendliness, fear, or stress?
When does play turn to aggression?

This educational video features a lively presentation and extensive footage of a variety of breeds showing hundreds of examples of canine behavior and body language.

This video is perfect for dog owners, trainers, behaviorists, veterinarians and shelters. (Set of 2 discs.) For detailed information on canine behavior assessment see Sarah Kalnajs' companion DVD Am I Safe.

Sarah Kalnajs, CPDT, CDBC, has more than ten years experience working in canine behavior, training, and research. She has her own training school, serves as an expert witness in litigation involving dog aggression, is a consultant to humane societies, and writes extensively on canine behavior and training. She focuses on helping people understand and live well with dogs. She lives with her husband Andrew and eight dogs six Shelties and two American Eskimos, two cats and a very nice vacuum cleaner in Madison, Wisconsin.

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