The Leash Reactivity Blueprint Dvd

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Tristan Flynn
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2 hrs 20 min
Tawzer Dog LLC

Join Tristan as he leads four dogs and their owners through a journey of understanding the complex causes and solutions to reactivity. You will learn management skills, handling techniques and the training methods used to reduce reactivity. You will see live demonstrations of core training exercises, group exercises, and real time coaching on practical training techniques owners can use when walking and working with their dogs.

Tristan Flynn is a certified dog trainer (CPDT-KA) and a certified dog behavior consultant through the international association of animal behavior consultants.
br> Tristan is the host of "The Jollytails K9 Connection", a weekly dog behaviour talk radio show broadcast on the Rogers Radio network in Nova Scotia. He also hosted the weekly TV segment "Dog Talk" for Global Television on the Global Morning News.

Tristan is the co-owner of Jollytails, the largest multi-facility dog daycare in Nova Scotia, Canada. Tristan oversees the assessment and behavior of all dogs that attend Jollytails daycare. He serves as the head trainer teaching a variety of classes including puppy and adult classes in addition to reactive dog classes.

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