The Magic of Shaping (TM): Explore the Possibilities DVD

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Pamela Dennison
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4 hours
Shadow Publishing
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Shaping is incredibly fun to teach; however, sometimes the mechanics of getting started may be daunting. While completing a behavior is very exciting, the real thrill is the process itself. From the first glimmer of understanding to the light bulb fully on, each step is a joy to behold. 

With shaping, your timing and creativity will improve, you will become better at recognizing small approximations and learn how and when to raise criteria–or when not to raise criteria, when to try something different, end a particular session and when to keep going. 

You and your dog will become a more close-knit team while pursuing these fun and functional behaviors. User friendly instructions are demonstrated with “real” dogs and their handlers, showing the process of working through each of these 30+ versatile behaviors. 

• Wipe your feet 
• Grind toenails 
• Go around objects 
• Nose target hand 
• Nose target object 
• Close a door 
• Go Outs 
• Ride skateboard 
• Say your prayers 
• Go to crate 
• Chin 
• Hind end awareness 
• Bow 
• Handstand 
• Shaping the “real” world 
• ….and more! 

Many of them are useful for a multitude of different behaviors. From agility to rally and competition obedience, to musical freestyle to animal husbandry; the behaviors in this video will keep you hopping!

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