The Nosework Dog Performance Journal

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Fred Helfers
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Fred Helfers
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The Nosework Dog Performance Journal was written to assist the Nosework dog handler who wishes to excel in their performance with their dog. (Can also be utilized by other scenting disciplines such as barn hunt teams). It was created from professional record keeping and performance logs that the author has designed and utilized with over 30 years' experience in the training and handling of professional detection dog teams.

Included in The Nosework Dog Performance Journal are:

16 Pages of Journal diagram examples and entry descriptions.
Over 70 pages of performance Journal Exercise Log entry pages.
Journal Terminology.
A Journal Exercise Log.

-The Journal exercise log provides immediate recognition to track specifics of a training or trialing exercise.
-Includes entry descriptions and examples.
-Includes blank log sheets for over 90 entries.

Fred Helfers started training and handling detection canines in 1982 while working in law enforcement. Fred trained and worked two drug detection canines during his 28 years in law enforcement. Over the past 30 years Fred has expanded his knowledge of detection canines by training canines and handlers in the field of drug detection, insect detection, natural gas detection and accelerant detection.