The Official Guide to Living with Dinos

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Jessica Dolce
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Does your dog dislike meeting strange dogs while you’re out walking together? Do they have a medical or behavioral issue that makes socializing with other dogs or new people difficult or impossible? Then you probably have a DINOS: Dog in Need of Space! This collection of practical tips and advice, gathered from more than a decade of professional dog walking, will make navigating life with your dog more enjoyable and less stressful. A perfect companion to your favorite dog training manuals, this guide includes ten helpful and humorous lessons that will change the way you think about your dog! 

Inside you'll find lessons such as: 
• Welcome to Team DINOS! 
• The Poop is Always Firmer on the Other Side of the Fence 
• How to Stay Safe on Dog Walks 
• Ideas for Exercising Dogs at Home 
• You Know You're Living with DINOS When... 
• And much more! 

Jessica Dolce is the creator of DINOS™: Dogs In Need of Space and author of the blog Notes from a Dog Walker. A dog walker, writer, and educator, she lives in Maine where you can sometimes spot her hiding behind a tree with her DINOS.