The Pet Professional's Guide To Pet Loss: How to Prevent Burnout, Support Clients, and Manage the Business of Grief

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Wendy Van de Poll
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Center for Pet Loss Grief

As a pet care professional how many times have you had a client that just received the news their pet is terminally ill, has died tragically, or is dealing with pet loss? 

And how many times have you had to deliver the news yourself? You are not sure what to say, but you want to be compassionate and helpful. You are literally either lost for words, feel like you said the wrong thing, or would like to be more effective when delivering the news. 

It is critical to know how to help your clients when they are faced with pet loss death and grief. With the increasing growth in the pet care industry veterinarian medicine is changing--as are all pet care professions. There will be more demands on you and your business. This will make it essential for you to make it a daily practice to take care of yourself to deal with work related health issues. Compassion fatigue and burnout are real, and they both have a way of sneaking up on you. 

Once you buy and read this comprehensive guide for all pet care professionals you will know exactly what to do to prevent burnout, support clients, and manage the business of grief. 

It is your resource to gain a basic knowledge of--grief and loss, self-care, how to support your clients within your scope of practice, and the business of grief. 

Wendy Van de Poll is a pioneering leader in the field of pet loss grief support, the founder of the Center for Pet Loss Grief and an international bestselling author. She provides wisdom, joy, and compassion for grief relief in her practice. Wendy is a certified end-of-life and grief coach, pet funeral celebrant, a licensed massage therapist for humans, horses, and hounds, and a tested animal communicator. With a master's of science in wolf ecology, Wendy has run with wolves in Minnesota, coyotes in Massachusetts, and foxes in her backyard.