The Ping Project: How We Trained A Diabetic Alert Dog At Home

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Shari Finger
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Diabetic alert dogs can detect when a diabetic’s blood sugar level is too high or too low with amazing accuracy (often 10 -20 minutes before their blood meter). However, the cost of purchasing a professionally trained diabetic alert dog can run as much as $20,000- making it an impossible dream for many families with type 1 diabetic children. The Ping Project proves that diabetic alert dogs can be trained at home, without the need of a professional trainer, and only the cost of having a dog in the household. Follow step-by-step how a family with a ten-year-old boy with type 1 diabetes trained an abandoned puppy to be a diabetic alert dog, and his best friend and faithful companion. This book takes a different approach, often involving the child in the training process, while keeping it simple enough for the person with only a small amount of dog training knowledge to follow. The Ping Project was not written for professional dog trainers; it was written for the mom, dad, or diabetic that is interested in training their own dog.