The Puppy Headstart Program

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Corally Burmaster
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The Clicker Training Center

Corally Burmaster's Puppy Headstart Program is the only environmental enrichment program for puppies based on the science of their critical periods of development. During their early development, puppies go through periods when they will accept anything they are exposed to as perfectly normal, as well as periods of fearful responses to the most ordinary events. Knowing when each occurs and what to do during each of them is critical in raising confident and outgoing dogs. 

The Puppy Headstart book outlines every step of the program so you can make sure that your puppies have the experiences they need to set a foundation for lifelong success in anything they may need to do. The book not only explains the purpose of every element of the program, it also shows you how to put the program together. It explains the purpose of each exercise, describes the equipment needed and how to find it or make it. And it provides checklists to ensure that you cover every experience needed during each critical period to build a confidence that will stay with your puppies for the rest of their lives. 

Breeders who follow this program will find that their puppies will learn at an exponential rate, treat each new situation with curiosity and approach life with confidence and enthusiasm!