The Puppy Party: Fun - Enriching - Safe Dvd

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Jane Killion
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88 Mins
MADCAP Productions
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88 minutes. Originally broadcast live on September 27th 2015.

What's the most fun you'll ever have socializing puppies? Having a puppy party, of course! A puppy party is non-stop laughs and smiles, and, if carefully controlled, one of the very best socialization tools available to a breeder. But the party does have to be properly planned and managed to benefit the puppies and avoid harming them. In this episode, we demonstrate our a complete plan for holding a safe and productive puppy party.

Pippi's puppies are 6 weeks old and in their curiosity period, which is an ideal time for a puppy party. The guests are experienced friends and students whom the puppies have never met before. We demonstrate and discuss how to work the puppies on mini agility equipment, and also give alternate plans for parties without equipment.

We give all the details of how we manage the puppies, the guests, and the exercises. We also explain how we made our equipment and giving you some DIY tips for equipment of your own!

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