Train At The Next Level DVD Set

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Jean Donaldson and Veronica Boutelle
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8 hrs 51 min
Tawzer Dog LLC

5 DVD set plus 1 CD-ROM with handouts.

Take your training and your business to the next level with Jean Donaldson & Veronica Boutelle for two days of myth busting to help trainers take their training techniques and business practices to the next level.

Have you fallen prey to the common and pervasive training errors and misconceptions that keep even highly experienced trainers from achieving results quickly? Jean points them out and teaches you how to sidestep them for better case resolution. She assesses a number of training techniques, including some of the newest trends in R+ training.

Don't have the client numbers and revenue you want? Veronica exposes the 6 business myths that may be holding you back, and shows you how to overcome them.

This is an eye-opening two-day seminar that may well change the way you see the profession and your place in it.

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