Train To Adopt: Humane Guidelines and A Training Program for Dogs In Shelters Dvd

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Sue Sternberg
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Disc one 23 min Disc two: 45 min
Distributed by Dogwise Publishing
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Enhancing mental health and adoptability for dog in shelters

DVD 1: Humane guidelines. A guide for shelters to improve, maintain and assess the quality of life for the dogs in their care. Includes extensive footage of dogs in shelter environments, identifying and explaining behaviors that can indicate a "quality of life" emergency and offering standards and steps for maintaining the mental health for dog in shelters.

DVD 2: Training Program. Step-by-step techniques for training dogs in basic manners and behavior control, such as doorway manners, appropriate food bowl behaviors, meeting and greeting and many other training exercises. Through video footage and written narrative this DVD demonstrates the Train to Adopt program and shows how it is designed to provide positive, healthy stimulation for dogs in the shelter setting while they learned behaviors which will enhance their adoptability.

Sue Sternberg has devoted her personal and professional life to helping dogs and people live together happily. She is the author of numerous books and DVDs on dog adoption, canine body language and behavior, especially aggression. Her work educating shelter personnel on training, temperament testing and environmental enrichment has helped countless dogs find their forever homes.

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