Training Dogs - A Dog Owner's Guide To The Science Of Behavior and Non-Coercive Dog Training

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James O'Heare
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Training Dogs, book one in the Dog Behavior series, is a dog owner's guide to the basic principles, strategies, tactics, and practices in non-coercive dog training to promote a mutually reinforcing relationship and a harmonious household. It provides an accessible, yet scientifically accurate, exploration of the most current powerful non-coercive practices people can use in everyday life to improve the behavioral well-being of dogs and themselves.
Training Dogs, will emphasize (a) training at all times rather than in scheduled sessions, and (b) basic principles and strategies rather than just step-by-step instructions alone, so that dog owners may develop the knowledge and skill to train any behavior they wish.

James O'Heare is a Doctor of Behaviorology, having earned his Doctoral Certificate in behaviorology from The International Behaviorology Institute. He has written and taught extensively on animal behavior, lectured internationally, and has been helping clients train their companion animals and resolve problem behaviors since the 1990s. For more information, see