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Pamela Dennison
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Positive Motivation Dog Training, LLC
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Winner of the 2009 Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers Association of America for Best CD/DVD

*Whistle is Not Included

Coming when called is probably the most important behavior you can teach your dog. It's about security, freedom, and can even be life-saving! (Recall your dog from deer, or the infamous "wild goose chase".) This DVD is outlined for a 5 week program of training your dog to come to a whistle. Nominated for the prestigious 2009 Dog Writer's Association of America Writing Contest.

Not surprising that Pam has developed an innovative way to help us keep our dogs safe! This invaluable DVD will lead us all to improve our handling skills, communication and relationship with our dogs. Too many times we see the unfortunate fate of a dog being chased while the owner is frantically running and screaming at their dog to come to them. Pam's "positive motivation" mindset, skills and practices on this DVD could, very well, save your dog's life! I loved the part where Shadow, Beau and Emma were swimming in the lake, Pam whistled for them and all three flew right to her - amazing! Thank you, Pam, for sharing this with all of us and caring about what we share with our beloved pets! Ann Ford, Hagerstown, MD

The DVD is terrific and the whistles are really pretty. I am so impressed. You even covered the topic of multiple dogs, which I find some trainers seem to leave out. Excellent step-by-step information. Great job and thank you so much! Lola C.

"THE WHISTLE RECALL is a treasure and a bargain - complete with a whistle! It's a very accessible and straightforward DVD that breaks down the steps to achieving a successful recall, valuable for those with multiple dog households, for those who hike with dogs as well as those who walk off leash in larger suburban and city parks. In between actual training sessions, Pam offers clear written instructions recapping each step, demonstrating how anyone can have success with this method. With a running time of under 30 minutes long, anyone who trains dogs can utilize this method and learn it very quickly." --Peg Munves, CPDT

From Pam Dennison - "Although I do practice the whistle recall all of the time, *I* am still surprised sometimes at how well my own dogs listen and respond to it. A few weeks ago, Emma had a baby groundhog in her mouth and was shaking it!!! Scared me horribly! I whistled and she SPIT IT OUT and came flying to me. The second best part is that I had a witness :o)" - Pam Dennison

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