Training Through Pictures With Dave Kroyer: Learning To Learn Dvd

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Dave Kroyer
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Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer: Learning to Learn DVD

This is the 7X International Award Winning definitive guide on the first 6-8 months with your puppy or working dog with 10 Time World Team Member Dave Kroyer! Known as a teacher of trainers, a competitor and coach, David Kroyer and his students have stood atop podiums in the arenas of Schutzhund/IPO, Mondio and French Ring Sport, Police K9, AKC Obedience, Agility, SAR and AKC Tracking. He has represented the United States Internationally on multiple World Teams while gaining notoriety both domestically and abroad. As a student of animal behavior, Dave's approach to training is intuitive, calculated and utilizes the tools and techniques of many disciplines and styles in a system of training that has helped his students achieve National and International success.

In most systems of training, consistent reinforcement in proximity to the handler produces an artificial "tether" that is a constant barrier to successful distance work. Dave circumvents this issue completely from the very start with 7 week old puppies through targeting training. The very procedure of targeting training establishes the understanding of working away from reward to achieve it. This is the foundation element to successful motion exercises, the send-away, the object guard, scent indication, agility obstacle training, jumping and so much, much more.

Once targeting is achieved, Dave demonstrates the first two stages of competitive heeling training at the wall and through an exercise he refers to as "Get In". Gymnastic skills are established through "The Spin" which teaches the flexibility and hind-end awareness required for left, right, about and pivot about turns. The establishment of motor patterns is conditioned as well to avoid the common pitfalls encountered when teaching the retrieve and recall. These foundation exercises form the basis for correct finished behaviors in puppies and adult dogs whether novices or retrains.

Through detailed and systematic progression the dog is taught to fully assimilate the major concept of "behavior first, then reward" that many systems of training struggle to achieve. The inability to achieve fluency in this concept is one of the most consistent problems Dave sees in seminars. Many dogs never reach their full potential because of obstacles created through the learning process itself- driving toward reward (sign-tracking), learning behaviors or positions rather than true engagement, working BECAUSE of reward rather than FOR reward and more. LEARNING TO LEARN is the first step in achieving not only competitive working dog goals, but in creating a powerful, interactive learner that understands his part of the process!

Through a clear, systematic approach that yields a strong partnership based on trust, reliable, clean dialog and a habit of correct performance, the techniques in Dave's system repeatedly demonstrate how to create a picture of excellence and shape your dog into an eager, willing, interactive learner capable of the success you strive for regardless of discipline.

Featuring detailed instructional footage throughout, beautiful illustrative graphics and a step-by-step progression of the first 8 months of Dave's system, this title is ideal for anyone wanting a broad, comprehensive foundation in dog sport. This title is multi-dimensional and the concepts taught are beneficial for ANY dog sport- Kennel Club Obedience, IPO, Ring Sport, Agility, Nose Work, Police K9 and more. This title features rare footage of the father of Classical Conditioning, Ivan Pavlov, and his experiments on salivary secretions. Beneficial to puppy owners, trainers with problem dogs or anyone wanting a more clear understanding of how to isolate behaviors. To anyone wanting to create a dynamic, interactive worker while establishing a common language, this title is a must have!

16:9 Widescreen Hi-Definition DVD

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