Treating Dog - Dog Reactivity Dvd

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Patricia McConnell
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2 hrs 47 mins
Distributed by Dogwise Publishing
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Do you find yourself not wanting to take Maggie on walks because you don't like the way she reacts to other dogs? Does Barney growl, bark, or lunge when on-leash when he sees other dogs? There are several motivations for Dog-Dog Reactivity and this DVD covers how to treat them all using state-of-the-art, positive methods, including Counter Classical Conditioning, and On-Cue & Off-Cue Operant Conditioning. This half-day seminar contains informative slides, numerous videos, and live demonstrations of Patricia working with real dog-dog reactive dogs for the first time. This is a great DVD for both trainers and novice dog owners alike. Video taped and edited by Tawzer Dog Videos.

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