Versatile Vizsla

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Marion Coffman
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Dogwise Publishing
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Written by a long-time breeder/handler of Vizslas, this book covers every aspect of the Smoothcoated Vizsla. Comprehensive chapters cover: breed characteristics, is the Vizsla right for you, and how to select and care for your Vizsla. 

There are several chapters covering the Vizsla's first year: care, training, behavior, development, feeding, exercise, and interactions with children or other pets. You'll learn what you need to know specific to training a Vizsla. Chapters cover the Vizsla in Obedience, Rally, Agility, conformation showing, field work, and the versatility of the Vizsla for other activities like therapy work, search and rescue, Flyball, and much more. 

Advanced chapters cover breeding, genetics, mating, whelping, care of newborns, raising the litter, and even a chapter caring for the aging Vizsla. Coffman also covers the history and development of the breed, the breed standard, and a wealth of other information which only a person with year's of experience in the breed can impart. There's no better way to learn about a breed than to learn from an expert with year's of success behind them.