What Is My Cat Saying? Feline Communication 101- PowerPoint (Digital Download)

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Carol Byrnes, CPDT-KA and Jacqueline Munera
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over 100 slides
Diamonds In The Ruff
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This is a Digital Download of the PowerPoint CD.

What you will get with this digital download:
1: Zip File of "What is My Cat Saying?"
2: Instructions on how to download this zip file (Download first)

Zip File Size: 473 MB

Power Point presentation, now on CD! (For Windows only)

This is a must have for dog people wanting to learn more about cats, who want to feel more comfortable with their cat-dog owning clients.

Cats are probably one of the most mis-understood of all domestic animals. Myths and Myth-understandings abound! Would you like to better understand what your cat is saying and how your body language affects your communication with your feline friends? Carol Byrnes, creator of the "What is My Dog Saying?" power point for dog trainers has collaborated on this project with Certified Cat Behavior Consultant Jacqueline Munera of Positive Cattitudes to create a training tool for veterinary clinic staff, shelter staff, cat behavior specialists and cat owners alike.

This CD has over 150 slides featuring great stills and video clips of cats “speaking cat”. Help your staff and students better understand their cats!