Work Wonders - Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones

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Tom Lonsdale
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What your dog wants to eat
If dogs could talk what would they say is the best food to keep them in tiptop condition? Would they recommend a selection of cans and kibble or would they recommend a fresh rabbit and half a chicken? Or would they crave fresh, raw meat, like their carnivore ancestors?

In Work Wonders: Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones Australian veterinarian Dr. Tom Lonsdale inspires us to see a dog's dietary needs from a dog's perspective into taking account Nature's teachings, easily understood science, and sound common sense.

Work Wonders provides essential information for dogs and their owners, veterinarians, educators and anyone interested in dogs, diets and health. Eight entertaining and informative chapters lead you through the practical essentials of dog feeding including how to find sources for fresh, healthy meat as well as how to safely store and prepare a diet of raw meaty bones. It is easier than you think!

Tom Lonsdale's 2001 landmark book, Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health, as featured on National Public Radio and in Time Magazine (Pacific edition), provided an in-depth analysis of the how the diets of our companion animals are contributing to illness including gum disease, immune disorders, even cancer. Work Wonders is the ideal, practical sequel to Raw Meaty Bones and will show you how easy it is to feed your dog what he really wants raw meaty bones.

Australian veterinarian Dr. Tom Lonsdale is traveling the world educating the public about how to improve the health of their dogs by feeding them a simple diet of raw meat and bones. He is on a mission to help people understand that the multi-billion dollar pet food industry has a financial interest in continuing to convince you that heavily processed kibble is superior to fresh, unprocessed food. In Raw Meaty Bones, Dr. Lonsdale also raises serious questions about the ecological impact of commercial pet food and the potential conflict of interest between the business of being a veterinarian and the good health of your pet.

What reviewers are saying...

Tom Lonsdale's impressive mastery and complete knowledge of dogs and their true desires emerges from the pages of Work Wonders: Feed Your Dogs Raw Meaty Bones. This is the complete and "user-friendly" informational guide for any dog owner and the care they should take for the diet and overall healthy upkeep for their gratefully cherished canine companion. As an insightful and informative guide to the reader, Work Wonders is a confident recommendation for all dog owners, and a "must-read" if our canine friends are likely to stay with us for a long companionable road ahead. James A. Cox