Your Pandemic Puppy: Finding and Raising a Well-Adjusted Dog During COVID-19

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Dr. Marty Greer JD
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Revodana Publishing LLC
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At a time when we're rethinking almost everything in our lives, Your Pandemic Puppy will recalibrate your concept of puppy rearing and dog ownership.

Up to date, contemporaneous and thoughtful, Your Pandemic Puppy was written by a veterinarian with four decades of medical experience. In these pages, you'll find information on all aspects of your new puppy's physical and mental well-being, from the challenges of finding a new companion during the current COVID-19 crisis, through training and medical care. But more than just how-to advice, this book also explores what owning a puppy means to a family, and what to anticipate in the future, when you return to your former work and school schedule. This book is intended to help you have a great experience all along the way, from selecting your new puppy through adolescence. Having a new puppy or dog should be lots of fun: Here's to making that your new normal.

Dr. Marty Greer received her veterinary degree in 1981; the following year, she founded Veterinary Village in Lomira, Wisconsin, where she has a special interest in canine and feline pediatrics, reproduction and behavior. With her husband, fellow veterinarian Dr. Daniel Griffiths, she rears and shows Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Danish-Swedish Farmdogs. In 2010, Dr. Greer graduated from Marquette Law School and is partner at Animal Legal Resources.