Aggression Cases: Facilitating Client Communication - Webinar - Streaming Video on Demand

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Dr. Suzanne Hetts and Dr. Dan Estep
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1 hour 25 min
Animal Behavior Associates
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Telling Clients What They Don’t Want To Hear: Facilitating Client Communication In Aggression Cases 

Aggression cases are some of the hardest ones we encounter. Not only because of the potential danger involved, but also because of the feelings they evoke, from both us and from owners. Owners’ actions – regardless of how well-intentioned – often contribute to their dog’s aggressive behavior. Do you be honest and share that perspective or do you side step it, not wanting to add to their burden? What if their dog’s behavior is so unpredictable, you don’t think the dog can be trusted with anyone without being muzzled? Do you avoid directly instructing an owner they must muzzle their dog, for fear they won’t or can’t do it and the dog will leave the home? 

Most seminars and workshops are about skills, protocols and procedures for changing the aggressive dog’s behavior. But what you say to dog owners and HOW you say it has just as large an influence on the success you have with these cases. “Success” in aggression cases is not just the dog staying in the home, but the dog NOT hurting anyone. That can’t be accomplished unless the owners are ALL IN with managing and modifying their dog’s behavior. 

In this webinar, we’ll share three of our recent cases involving dog aggression. The cases are quite different as far as what the dogs actually DID, what we found in the histories, AND what we recommended. Join us for a lively and we what we hope will be a thought provoking discussion about the complexities of good communication in aggression cases. 

Here’s what some of our listeners said they got out of the webinar – 
“Reminders to think about our personal reactions when dealing with clients. The importance to have empathy in order to get compliance. Remind myself not to judge. Remember that people are doing their best and are not educated regarding the behavior of a dog, do not assume what they may know. Love these webinars…” Karen S. 

”For me this was a good confirmation of how I handle clients. Also a reminder to always look for any organic/medical issues that can contribute. Love the inside look at some real cases. Thanks so much; great webinar. You always have a gold nugget for me–appreciate it!”Francine L. 

“To be careful with people’s emotions, to address their specific needs, to be compassionate yet honest, and to learn how to “reframe” what you REALLY want to say! Fabulous “chat.” thank you” Deborah M. 

“I liked hearing about the types of cases you do which helps put things in perspective with some of the cases I’ve taken on or are currently working on. Make sure we’re focusing on the client’s dog vs ALL dogs. Thanks Suzanne and Dan…excellent!!!” Fran B.