Latest Research On Separation Anxiety - Webinar - Streaming Video on Demand

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Dr. Suzanne Hetts and Dr. Dan Estep
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1 hour 29 min
Animal Behavior Associates
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Latest Research On Separation Anxiety 

Separation anxiety continues to be a significantly frequent behavior problems experienced by dogs. In addition to the behavioral symptoms of destructiveness, vocalization, elimination and escape attempts (which may also be viewed as attempts to reunite with the owner) causing substantial upset for owners, the degree of panic some of these dogs experience negatively impacts their well-being. 

The factors causing separation anxiety are still poorly understood. Recent areas of research in the understanding and treatment of separation anxiety are: 
1. Observational studies of dogs with separation anxiety 
2. The potential difference in attachment styles between dogs who develop separation anxiety and those who do not 
3. The effectiveness of behavior modification treatments 
4. The use of oxytocin in the treatment of separation anxiety 

In this Latest Advances About Separation Anxiety, we’ll review the recent research and any implications for the prevention and treatment of separation anxiety.