Am I Safe? - The Art & Science Of Canine Behavior Assessments - Streaming Video on Demand

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Sarah Kalnajs
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3 Hrs. 44 Min.
Blue Dog Training and Behavior
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Learn how to conduct behavior assessments including what to look for in the dogs behavior, how to document areas of concern (information for accessing online forms and rating scales are included), and how to determine if problem areas can be improved using behavior modification techniques. Rescue groups and shelters will find this information useful and safe to apply. For detailed information on understanding and reading canine body language see Sarah Kalnajs' companion DVD The Language of Dogs (DTB875P).

Am I Safe? also explores the validity of assessment protocols and why they are important for anyone involved in the re-homing of companion animals. This video is highly educational for dog professionals, not just those in a shelter or rescue environment, who want to see the broad range of behaviors exhibited during behavior assessments.

Am I Safe? answers critical questions including

- What are these tests and are they valid?
- Who should do them?
- When should they be done?
- What can they tell us about future behavior and, just as important, what can't they tell us?
- How can testers and handlers insure their safety during the assessment process?

Thousands of unwanted dogs enter shelters and animal rescue groups each year. Some have detailed histories provided by the families who surrendered them, and others arrive with little or no background information. The challenge for shelter workers and other caretakers is to determine which dogs are safe to be placed, and, if safe, to create a comprehensive personality profile of these dogs so they can be matched with the best possible new homes.

Am I Safe? is extremely valuable to trainers and behaviorists who want to see the broad range of canine behaviors that are exhibited both in assessments and in the home. All dog professionals need the information in order to conduct assessments that are safe for the handler, fair to the dog, and have excellent predictability of future behavior.

Sarah Kalnajs, CPDT, CDBC, has more than ten years experience working in canine behavior, training, and research. She has her own training school, serves as an expert witness in litigation involving dog aggression, is a consultant to humane societies, and writes extensively on canine behavior and training. She focuses on helping people understand and live well with dogs. She lives with her husband Andrew and eight dogs six Shelties and two American Eskimos, two cats and a very nice vacuum cleaner in Madison, Wisconsin.

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