Be As Happy As Your Dog: 16 Dog-Tested Ways To Be Happier Using Pawsitive Psychology

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Michelle Waitzman
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It's time to be as happy as your dog!

What if you could take the same joyful approach to life as your dog? Dogs enjoy whatever comes their way-a chance to play, walk, eat, cuddle, or sleep. They're always ready to show you how happy they are and how much they enjoy being with you. They aren't busy fretting over things that happened in the past or that might happen in the future. A dog's default position is to be happy-right here, right now.

Be as Happy as Your Dog explains how people can learn to enjoy life like dogs do. By bringing together the wisdom of dog behavior experts and leaders in the growing field of positive psychology, it reveals easy changes you can make to level up your happiness immediately, and make it last.

Readers will learn
- how wagging their tail will boost their happiness and spread it to others;
- how trusting their "sniff test" will help them avoid toxic relationships;
- how walking every day can release their mind and body from stress and anxiety;
- how finding their pack will provide them with the support, comfort, and connection we all need;
- and 12 more ways to find pleasure in their everyday experiences, get the most from every moment as it happens, and add more happiness to their lives.

You'll wish you had a tail to wag!

Michelle Waitzman is an author, writer, plain language consultant, and dog lover. She has also worked in TV production and corporate communications. Michelle lives with her husband and two mixed-breed rescue dogs, Marlowe and Nuka, In Toronto.