Building A Search and Rescue Team - From The Ground Up

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Christy Judah
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Finally there is a complete manual to describe the procedures and basic steps to start a search and rescue team. It explains how to create a 501 © 3 tax exempt organization, and includes examples of Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, canine standards, and general team operating procedures. It contains a comprehensive listing of SAR organizations which offer national search and canine certifications. It describes classes required by the Department of Homeland Security and provides information on how to find these classes. This book guides the new and the experienced team as they design, review or update their team policies and procedures to meet industry standard. It includes examples of actual documents used by successful teams and describes recruitment and applicant interview techniques, as well as, new member protocols. It lists examples of fundraising activities, and describes membership responsibilities, including mentorship. In addition, it outlines ethical practices for SAR teams (including protocols for videos, photographs, and training requirements) and describes how to manage and maintain team and individual documentation. It includes a primer for media contact and public relations, and gives a broad overview of how successful teams operate in the community and in the field. It includes suggested and required equipment, a reading resource list, and summaries of common search and rescue classes. It provides a comprehensive overview of how to start and manage a reputable and successful team stressing training and ethics. This administrative manual is valuable and applicable to all team members, especially team leaders. A must have on the SAR bookshelf!