Creating The Perfect Puppy: How To Start Off Right and Stay On Track Dvd

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Sophia Yin
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1 hr 43 min
Cattledog Publishing

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Transform Your Puppy!
What do you need to do to create a perfect puppy or to fix the problem one in under a month? Find out in just 90 minutes in this new lecture DVD by Dr. Sophia Yin. Then train your staff using the DVD and support materials so that they can help clients and future puppy adopters to be successful. Play the DVD in puppy class orientations so that participants know what to expect. Show the DVD to foster puppy raisers so they prepare puppies behaviorally for their next home. It's the easiest, most efficient way to get everyone up to speed on how to raise a puppy!

What will you learn?
In this DVD, Dr. Yin tells the story of her father's Cattle Dog puppy, Lucy.
You'll see how she secretly trained and socialized Lucy for a week before she gave Lucy to her father, so that he would start off with a puppy who was perfectly behaved. Then find out how after only two weeks with her parents, Lucy quickly became a puppy that was unfocused, uncontrollable, and starting fights with other dogs. Watch the plan that got Lucy back on track, so that, by 16 weeks, she was a dream puppy again, even for her parents.

What's on the DVD

Pt 1: Perfect Puppy in 7 Days
Why Start Training and Socialization Early?
Introduction to the Learn to Earn Program for Dogs of All Ages
Say Please by Sitting for Treats and Petting
Leave-it Exercises: Two Versions
Sit to Enter and Exit Through Doors
Sit for Attention
Sit to Play Fetch
Test Your Knowledge
Nuances of the Learn to Earn Program
Socialization: Many Positive Experiences
Summary: What Lucy Had Learned in Her First Week

Pt 2: Fixing the Problem Puppy in a Month
Lucy Attends a Puppy Class That Proves a Poor Match for Her
Steps for Decreasing Arousal Around People and Dogs
Exercises for Training Focus on Walks
Applying the Focus Exercises to Distracting Situations
Transferring Lucy's Good Behavior to Other Dogs
Train Good Play with Other Dogs
Training Lucy to Greet People Politely
Lucy at 16 Weeks of Age
Take-Home Messages
Lucy at 3.5 Years of Age


video courtesy of CattleDog Publishing