Der Schutzhund - The Protection Dog

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Helmut Raiser, trans. by Armin Winkler
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Armin Winkler Publishing

Sub-title: The Training of Working Dogs in Protection Work. Gives equal consideration to the duties of handler, dog, and helper. Part 1: discusses prey, defense, aggression, and fighting drives which are used in the training protection work; also explains basic ethological terms and laws, such as instinctive action, trigger stimulus, drive goal, conflict behavior, etc. Shows classical and instrumental conditioning as the typical methods through which dogs learn. Part 2: methodical instruction on how to develop and train dogs in protection work. Methodically and technically correct helperwork is always important. 29 briefly but informatively captioned picture sequences clearly demonstrate how handler, dog, and helper have to work together in the different exercises.

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    Best Schutzhund Training Book Available

    Posted by Ken on 3rd Aug 2018

    Dr. Helmut Raiser breaks down the essential components to training a Schutzhund/IPO dog. He gives a practical guide on how to shape a dogs behavior through various exercises. The drawback to this book is that it does not cover the precision movements that a training decoy/helper needs to elicit a specific response from a dog.