Schutzhund Obedience - Training In Drive

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Gottfried Dildei & Sheila Booth
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Understanding and enlisting your dog’s “drives” is a powerful training tool. And it’s not just for Schutzhund. Learn how to work with your dog’s instincts using these positive motivational techniques will get results in any competitive sport. 

Have fun while training! This method gives your dog choices, then you simply reward him for making the correct choice. This gives him credit for being an intelligent, sensitive creature who enjoys working when we allow him to think for himself. This happy attitude assures your dog will work joyfully and correctly--in other words, he will love to work!! Stresses the drive instinct in the dog, and is a step-by-step manual to teach you how to train your dog for winning obedience. Popular with both Schutzhund and competitive obedience customers. Deals with the novice exercises: heeling, sit, stay, down, stand, recall. 

Sheila Booth has trained dogs in a variety of disciplines for 40 years, but she always considers her dogs primarily companions. She combines her profession as an editor/journalist with her passion for dogs, and hopes to help others make training more fun. She lives in Virginia with her dog and 2 cats (all from rescue).