Doggie Dangers and Safety Tips: Preventing Accidents In and Around Your Home and Yard

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Caryl Wolff
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Would you like to learn how to keep your dog safe by preventing accidents from happening? Dogs are a part of our families, and we need to keep them safe. Doggie Dangers and Safety Tips – Preventing Accidents In and Around Your Home and Yard alerts you to common dangers that you don’t think twice about. 

Even if you are a long-time dog owner, you will find suggestions here that never crossed your mind (such as cutting the end off a potato chip bag so your dog doesn’t suffocate if he puts his head in). These are everyday situations concerning our dogs when nothing happens and we don’t give them a second thought – until there is an emergency. 

Doggie Dangers and Safety Tips contains preventive measures that are easy for you to put into practice. Many of the suggestions and solutions in this book are 

• Simple 
• Easy to do 
• Quick (Many take less than 10 seconds) 
• Free (Can you beat that?) 

Knowledge is power, and this book gives you the power to stop accidents from happening – and saves you the anguish of having your dog injured or killed in addition to the very real pain of the money floating out of your wallet. There are accidents that can be prevented, and this book talks about the dangers lurking in your house and yard that you may not realize are there – and what you can do to prevent them including 

• being burned due to barbeques or in the kitchen mishaps 
• being injured by bolting out doors or escaping yards 
• being injured by falling down stairs or jumping off couches 
• being injured by ingesting any household items from paperclips to coins to sticks 
• being poisoned by plants or chemical substances such as antifreeze or fertilizers 
• drowning in pools or from water toxicity or aspiration pneumonia 
• elevator injuries 
• escaping during fireworks 
• heatstroke 
• hypothermia 
• ingesting harmful foods - everything from chicken bones to chocolate 
• ingesting holiday decorations 
• snakes 
• strangulation due to collars catching on an object or being left on in a crate 
•and many more other dangers that can be preventable in and around the house and yard. 

Written by award-winning author Caryl Wolff, she says, “Doggie Dangers was written because I get calls all the time after something has happened – “If I would have only known…” Concerned pet parents don’t want anything like this to happen again. “As a dog trainer and behavior consultant, I drew on my 20+ years of experience in talking with clients and dog professionals along with experiences with my own dogs as well as many, many, many hours of reading in order to write this book.”