Dominance In Dogs - Fact Or Fiction?

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Barry Eaton
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Dogwise Publishing
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Is Your Dog Trying to Dominate You?
You may have read books or seen TV shows that tell you that your dog will seek to dominate you, your family members and other pets unless you become the alpha and put him in his place. The theory is that since dogs evolved from wolves and wolves (supposedly) form packs with strict pecking orders and battle each other to become the pack leader, your dog will do the same within your household. In this new US edition, author Barry Eaton separates out the facts from the fiction regarding dominance in pet dogs, presenting the reader with the results of recent research into the behavior of wolves and the impacts of selective breeding on the behavior of dogs. The results may surprise you and will surely inform you.

You will learn:
Wolves in the wild do form packs, but they are largely peaceful and cooperative family units.
Many of the behaviors and drives that wolves live by have virtually disappeared from pet dogs due to the impact of selective breeding.
Poorly trained or under-socialized dogs may engage in certain behaviors such as resource guarding (food, toys) that may make them appear to be trying to assert dominance. However, these are problems that can be brought under control by training and management and will not be solved by an owner trying enforce his or her dominance over the dog.
Many of the training or pack rules associated with those who claim you must dominate your dog have no basis in reality in terms of wolf behaviors and. if taken to an extreme, can be harmful to your dog.
A simple and logical set of guidelines to raise and train a dog in a positive and effective manner.

What dog trainers are saying about Barry Eaton's Dominance in Dogs:
Learning is best done by challenging the old mythologies and this book surely does that.
Prof. Ray Coppinger

Thanks for the opportunity to see your fantastic book. Excellent. We do have an uphill battle as the sheer amount of repetition of the Dominance concept has cemented it into the public land.
Jean Donaldson

Dominance in Dogs - Fact or Fiction is a little book with a big message. Without wasting words, Barry Eaton dispels the dominance myth and its insidious rank-reduction program, which is nothing more than an arduous task for owners to make their poor dogs' lives a misery.
Dr. Ian Dunbar

Barry Eaton lives in England where he is an Affiliate of the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) and a Member of the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers. He is an expert on training deaf dogs and is the author of the popular book Hear, Hear. He is the former chair of the Wessex Sheepdog Society and enjoyed participating in sheep dog trials.

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What reviewers are saying...

How far is the dog from the roving packs of wolves in the past? "Dominance in Dogs: Fact or Fiction?" discusses the idea that dogs will try to become alpha males in their families, drawing their canine instincts. Studying wolves and comparing them to domestic dogs and how the habits differ are similar, Barry Eaton provides quite the thoughtful study on dogs and their dominance. "Dominance In Dogs" is a thoughtful collection, very highly recommended . James A. Cox

Dog World Review, February 2012

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    Dominance in Dogs

    Posted by Charles Clive on 8th Dec 2018

    This book is well-written and makes a great deal of sense. I would advise all dog lovers to read it.