Ebook: The Misunderstood Dog - Break Free Of The Myths About Man's Best Friend and Learn How To Train Your Dog With Facts, Not Fiction

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Jordan Rothman
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Dogs aren't born knowing what's considered polite in human society--nor are they secretly out to conquer the household. Dogs have concerns like: where's the ball, when's the next walk, and is there chicken on today's menu? But people often misinterpret dog behavior and the results are frustration, training that doesn't work, and more "bad" behavior. In this accessible and often humorous book, certified dog trainer and behavior counselor Jordan Rothman tells dog lovers how to take advantage of their human smarts (the only training tool they need), to be well on the way to a refined canine.

In straightforward prose, the author addresses:
-The myths that surround dogs and how they affect us.
-The causes of common dog behavior problems, and the solutions.
-How reading dog body language makes life with dogs easier.
-Human tendencies that get in the way of dog training efforts.

Learn how to use modern, humane, science-based dog training methods to train a dog through everyday interactions. The tools of the trade are fun, games, and play to encourage and reward behaviors you like. In one fell swoop the dog training process becomes easier, more enjoyable, and more efficient.

The Misunderstood Dog is a simple, practical guide for anyone who shares a home with a pet dog, whether puppy or adult, purebred or mixed breed.