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Pat Miller
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A complete dog training, puppy raising, problem solving, and basic health guide. Written as a series of columns in Whole Dog Journal , Positive Perspectives gives you information on day-to-day living with dogs in small easily understood bites . Find out how to prevent problems before they occur, train without force with fun and treats, learn about the newest vaccination schedules and much more to live happily with your dog. For puppy as well as adult dog owners.

Postive Perspectives will show you:
* How management works
* One thing that prevents 75% of all problem behavior before it happens
* Which leashes and collars to use... and not to
* Which clicker training is so popular and effective
* One toy no doggie household should be without

Here's what Dog Professionals say about Positive Perspectives:
Pat Miller's book should be on the shelf of anyone sharing their life with a dog. It fills a void for veterinarians who do not know where to direct their clients for humane, same and safe basic behavioral and preventative advice.
Karen L. Overall, MA, VMD, PhD, Author, Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals.

Positive Perspectives is chock-full of great information! Pat Miller's knowledge and love of dogs shines through on every page.
Patricia McConnell, PhD, Author, The Other End of the Leash.

A positive, humane, and fun approach that makes the most of the dog-human relationship. Pat's pearls of wisdom apply to both new owners as well as experienced trainers. Shelters can confidently recommend this to their clients. The training is humane and adoption is promoted!
Julie Morris, ASPCA Senior Vice President, Shelter Outreach.

Author Pat B. Miller is at the forefront of the force-free, positive dog training phenomenon in the United States. She is President of the world's largest professional group of dog trainers, APDT, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, she operates her own training facility in Hagerstown, Maryland and is a 20-year veteran of humane work. Pat is a popular columnist for Whole Dog Journal and author of The Power of Positive Dog Training. Pat's four dogs are rescues of various breeds and sizes.

What reviewers are saying...

In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I'm a huge Pat Miller fan and follower, and my own training philosophy and methods are very close to Pat Miller's. When I first decided to become a dog trainer and study behavior, I started digging through stacks of books about dog training that all proclaimed to be the "essential" dog training book, and whose authors all claimed to be the ultimate authority on training and understanding dog behavior. There is a LOT of conflicting information out there, and even more so now that there are several dog-training shows on TV. It's hard for both prospective trainers and dog owners to know what is the real deal and what works best. Pat Miller is the Real Deal! One of the most respected Positive Trainers in the world, she's what is referred to as a "Crossover Trainer," which means she started out years ago training her dogs with aversive, or punishment-based methods, and later changed to reward-based methods. That experience gives her great perspective and a solid foundation for arguing why Positive Training works better. She has tried both and seen the difference in the results. Not only is Pat incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced, she's also an excellent instructor and writer who is able to convey - in very simple, practical, and user-friendly terms - the information a novice trainer/owner needs. That's the power of her books. I once saw a review of another one of her books, written by a dog trainer, who said that if everyone bought Pat Miller's books, we (trainers) would be out of work. I agree. Positive Perspectives has a very clear table of contents in the front, and a comprehensive index in the back that makes it easy to look up a specific topic. The book is also laid out in very easy, short sections that make it a breeze to read from beginning to end. Part One, for instance, literally begins with How Dogs Think and Learn. BAM - this is key information to understanding how to be successful in training a dog. It immediately sets the trainer's expectations at a realistic level and helps them understand a dog's limitations and capabilities. Part Two addresses puppy training and house training; there's also a chapter on problem behavior solving and a section on basic training that is very step-by-step and easy. This is an absolute must-have book for any new dog owner, or anyone who is interested in committing to Positive Training. Rikke Brogaard