Positive Perspectives 2 - Know Your Dog, Train Your Dog

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Pat Miller
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Dogwise Publishing/DGWSE
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Dogwise Publishing is pleased to reunite again with Pat Miller for the publication of her second volume of Positive Perspectives, a collection of her recent articles. This collection is more advanced than volume one, with particular emphasis on understanding the latest in canine behavioral research so that you can become a more effective trainer and/or owner. Written in Pat's understandable but sophisticated style, Positive Perspectives 2 presents the latest "positive" thinking on body language, training and behavioral concepts, teaching behaviors, problem behaviors, and aggression.

Get more in-depth information:
· How dogs behave and how to use that knowledge to improve your training skills.
· Learn to manage your dog’s behavior to prevent her from doing the wrong thing in the first place.
· Teach your dog to “ask” for the things he desires and reward him for his good behavior.
· Make every interaction with your dog a learning opportunity for the both of you.

What dog experts say about Positive Perspectives 2:
Finally, the dog training book that SHOULD be in the front of every bookstore—the book we've all been waiting for! Positive Perspectives 2 is a comprehensive guide to behavior and training that is equally fun and rewarding for both people and dogs.
Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., CAAB, author of Other End of the Leash and For the Love of a Dog

Pat's writing style makes positively based, scientifically sound training and behavior concepts not only accessible to dog owners, but enjoyable as well. Packed with excellent, immediately useful information, I highly recommend it to owners, trainers, and anyone who works with, or simply loves, dogs.
Nicole Wilde, CPDT, author of Help for Your Fearful Dog and So You Want to be a Dog Trainer

Pat has done it again! Her latest book has a wealth of information about canine behavior, communication and effective positive training techniques. Her writing is a wonderful blend of science and easy to understand training plans combined with enlightening personal anecdotes.
Leslie Nelson, CPDT, author Really Reliable Recall book and DVD

Another home-run of a book by Pat Miller. This is a comprehensive and well-organized primer covering a wide range of topics relating to canine behavior, learning, and training. With her clear and concise writing style, Pat has the rare ability to present her subject in a way that is both highly educational and just plain fun to read. Highly recommended!
Sarah Kalnajs, CDBC, CPDT, author of Language of Dogs and Am I Safe? DVDs

Pat Miller is internationally known as an author and lecturer in the field of force-free, positive dog training. She operates her own training facility “Peaceable Paws Dog and Puppy Training” in Fairplay, Maryland where she lives with her husband Paul, five dogs, three cats, a donkey, and a pot-bellied pig. She is the author of Play With Your Dog; The Power of Positive Dog Training; Positive Perspectives, Love Your Dog, Train Your Dog; and Do Over Dogs

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What reviewers are saying...

"Like the original Positive Perspectives, this book is based on the series of articles Pat Miller wrote for Whole Dog Journal and the Tufts University Publication For Your Dog. But, as Miller writes in her introduction, this one picks up where the first one left off. Like its predecessor, this book is big on emphasizing the importance of training dogs with humane methods that support a positive relationship between dog and human, one that's based on trust and cooperation (compliance as opposed to submission). This book delves a bit deeper into understanding and solving problem behavior, such as behaviors resulting from fear and aggression (often related). It also introduces the reader to training techniques such as Shaping (shaping by successive approximations) and Behavior Modification. The techniques used and explained here are science-based, taking advantage of how dogs actually learn and perceive things (Learning Theory), yet they're described in clear, approachable language that everybody will be able to understand. There is also a lot of heart in this book, including personal anecdotes of Miller's own cases and challenges. These make readers feel that we are not alone and that even we - with lots of love and patience - can create a beautiful relationship with a well-behaved, well-trained dog. And we can have fun in the process, too." Rikke Brogaard

“This sequel to Pat Miller’s previous book, Positive Perspectives, contains pages of new information her fans will love. Divided into five sections, the book analyzes an array of training and behavior issues that challenge dog owners. Part one begins with practical explanations of canine communication strategies and tips for interpreting them in context. Many books approach this subject like a foreign language course. Miller sticks with clear, practical definitions. Part two focuses on building a strong relationship with your dog. The author offers explanations of scientific training concepts and instructions on modifying techniques to accommodate each dog’s individual temperament. Part three addresses specific canine behaviors and the use of psychology in training. Within this context, it offers specific advice on training large and small breeds. Parts four and five are the book’s strongest and most interesting. Part four tackles a host of typical problems by examining underlying motivations, especially those that owners may overlook, misinterpret, or inadvertently encourage… The book’s fifth part contains great information about classifying and coping with various forms of aggression. Topics range from recognizing and reforming canine bullies to preventing and stopping dogfights. You definitely get your money’s worth in terms of useful information. Positive Perspectives 2 is an excellent reference for novice owners needing better insight into their dog’s behavior, although some may find the density of the text and terminology overwhelming.” Janine Adams

“Force-free dog training is receiving increasing attention, with Pat Miller at the forefront of the movement in the US. Having been president of the world’s largest association of professional dog trainers, Pat Miller is not only well-versed in the best and most innovative ways to train dogs, but has her finger firmly on the pulse of trends in animal behavior. This second book in the Positive Perspectives series teaches readers how to be a benevolent leader to their dog, with sections on understanding its body language, teaching appropriate behavior, correcting problem behavior, and handling aggression.” Editor