Don't Shoot The Dog

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Karen Pryor
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A Dog World Top 12 Training and Behavior Book - 2010!

One of our best selling teaching and training books. Not exclusively a dog training book - author is famous as an early dolphin trainer. Outlines 8 methods for putting an end to all kinds of undesirable behavior without yelling, threats, force, punishment, guilt trips - or shooting the dog! The 10 laws of shaping behavior through affection training; how to combat your own addictions to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, overeating or whatever; how to deal with such difficult problems as a moody spouse, an impossible teen, or an aged parent; PLUS housetraining the dog, improving your tennis game, keeping the cat off the table, and much, much more! This latest edition has an additional chapter, "Clicker Training, A New Technology." This covers the use of clickers in dog training, why it works, and how it has caught on. There is little or no practical application here, so we recommend Karen's Clicker Training Start-up Kit (DTB503) or Clicker Training for Dogs (DTB622). This book is the theory!

Whatever the task, whether keeping a four-year-old quiet in public, housebreaking a puppy, coaching a team, or memorizing a poem, it will go faster, better, and be more fun if you know how to use reinforcement. -- Karen Pryor