Ebook: Aggression In Dogs - Practical Management, Prevention & Behaviour Modification

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Brenda Aloff
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Brenda Aloff
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For anyone who wants to know more about aggression or dog behavior. As the book says, Aggression has a wide range of manifestations. And, it shows how to address reactive or aggressive behavior, with over 400 pages of text, drawings, and photographs.

This book does not just discuss aggression. It describes in great detail protocols to use for behavior modification. Starting with prevention, the reader learns about common mistakes owners make to promote aggression in their dog, and how to avoid these mistakes. In the behavior modification section, you will learn about how to build trust with the dog, using positive reinforcement. Shows how to achieve this level of trust with hundreds of exercises to promote appropriate behavior and modify inappropriate behavior. In the practical management section, the reader is prepared for a lifelong regimen of keeping his dog safe. The exercises in this book will be a salvation for problem dogs and a guide for prevention for others. Anyone involved with dogs will find a wealth of information about dog behavior in these pages and practical "do-able" solutions for problems.

What professionals are saying about Aggression in Dogs
Brenda Aloff is a pioneer in our field. Clicker trainers have proven that "it can be done" with competition obedience, agility, flyball, service dogs, indeed in all fields of what might be called "performance training." But Brenda takes our technology into a field long considered the ultimate bastion of the force trainer: rehabilitating and training the "aggressive" dog. Brenda shows clearly, most importantly through her detailed case histories, that one can address the issues posed by these dogs in a constructive, effective way without losing oneself in the murk of "dominance" theory and all of the mythology that surrounds it. This book is a worthwhile and necessary addition to any serious trainer's library.
Morgan Spector, author of Clicker Training for Obedience.

There are standards in the world...Campbell's on soup, Bud on beer and now, Aloff on aggression. Almost every dog training book I've ever read has provided me with some gem, or at least some tidbit, I can use. This book, however, is the mother lode. If you need to understand aggression, Aggression in Dogs is the book for you!
Missy Parker, RVN, President, National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors

This book is a "must have" for all trainers, kennel personnel, veterinarians and support staff. Not just for aggressive animals, Aggression in Dogs is an excellent reference tool for anyone interested in understanding canine behavior and the prevention of aggression. The protocols are field-proven effective.
Robert Wenzel, DVM

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    Behavioural modification

    Posted by Kati on 25th Feb 2018

    This book is really great find! It’s the first one I have found that not only explains things, but sets clear and practical guidelines. It is not too lack, it is not just saying that give time for your dog (a lot of time without clear guidelines has no effect) and at the same time it is not too strict, suggesting just bossing around your dog. It explains well why and how to do things. Reading this book I more clearly understand why some things in so called harsh techniques can work at times, but it turns them around and shows what is behind it. The whole philosophy of the book is to show why dogs need rules and that it is not about being boss, its about stability and mutual understanding. It also gives create guidelines of how to do things and what we need to think when things are not going as planned. It also gives a real idea how long it can take actually. I have a Swiss white shepherd, he is extremely afraid of everything and very anxious, he has always been so. We have been working with him ever since we got him, but it would have been so much easier if we would have got this book earlier. It has been a hard road and it will not be easy going forward, but now there are clear ideas and guidelines and there is actually a slow progress going on. I really suggest this book to everyone who has a dog. Its not just how to handle the dog, its also how one should behave themselves not to get a problem dog in the first place. Or if one has a problem dog in the first place, how to behave so that a frenzy, crazy, anxious dog could feel more safe and be able to support your four legged friend from early on without making things worser.